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Early Learning Centre Bunbury South

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(08) 9795 6122
30 Lockwood Crs, Withers WA 6230

Child Care welcomes Early Learning Centre Bunbury South in Withers, WA who continued to provide excellent care, education and support for the children and their families of Withers.

 At Early Learning Centre Bunbury South we encourage children to grow to their full potential by creating an environment that is safe, educational and above all FUN! We provide play based educational programs for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. Open from 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday (Excluding public holidays). Before/After School Care and Vacation Care programs for Kindy to year 7, with bus service to local schools. We provide a nutritious and tasty morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day.

At Early Learning Cenre Bunbury South, our focus is on providing opportunities for children in their early years that will set them on a path to a healthy and happy future.  Working together with families and sharing ideas, allows us to provide experiences that will meet the needs and interests of each child.  Our play based curriculum encourages children to explore, discover, grow and learn at their own pace. Building on their individual skills and knowledge in a fun, relaxed and social environment.

Our program offers a play based educational curriculum reflecting the Early Years Learning Framework. During the year the children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of special events and celebrations. Including: family get-togethers like Easter and Christmas parties, visitors from our community (eg fire/police department) and cultural celebrations.

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