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Child Health Centres

childcare | Onslow WA 6710

(08) 9184 6063
Patterson St, Onslow WA 6710

Child Care welcomes Child Health Centres, Onslow WA 6710. We understand that placing your child in a care is an important decision and as such, we feel privileged to play an integral role in your childs learning and development with Child Health Centres, Onslow with Child Care.

Our aim is to function as an extended family in order to provide your child with the security, warmth and love which are essential to their development and growth.

Our professional and dedicated carers provide a program that enables children to learn through exploration and stimulating experiences. We aspire to create an environment that provides enjoyable and creative learning. This is achieved through activities designed to support your child in all areas of growth. Give us a call at Child Health Centres, Onslow or visit our web site with Child Care WA.

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