Blue Gum Early Learning & child Care Centre - Brentwood WA Child Care

Blue Gum Early Learning & child Care Centre

childcare | Brentwood WA 6153

(08) 9364 6517
33 Moolyeen Rd, Brentwood WA 6153

Child Care welcomes Blue Gum Early Learning & child Care Centre in Brentwood, WA who continued to provide excellent care, education and support for the children and their families of Brentwood.

Blue Gum Early Learning & Child Care Centre is a community based Centre located in Brentwood and provides a secure, nurturing environment within a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere.

We cater for four age groups with four learning rooms and three separate outdoor areas catering for the needs of the specific age group.

As a community based centre, our main aim is caring for children and not for profits. This allows us to focus on providing a very high level of care, learning opportunities and facilities at our centre.

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