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Tuart Hill Baby & Child Care Centre Logo and Images

Tuart Hill Baby & Child Care Centre

100 Main Street, Tuart Hill WA 6060

Inside you’ll find all you need to know about our place. A caring place. A safe place. A happy place.

A place that puts the needs of your children first.

A place where they will grow, learn, laugh and play.

A place for them to call their home away from home.

Mulberry Tree Childcare Tuart Hill Logo and Images

Mulberry Tree Childcare Tuart Hill

232 Cape Street, Tuart Hill WA 6060

Our Centre was established in 1995, and is proud to be the first of the Mulberry Tree Childcare Centres. We have a Mulberry Tree in our children’s backyard that comes into fruit around October. The children and staff love this time of year, as we begin experimenting with the Mulberries in cooking and sensory experiences and even extending it to the arts.

We are a centre that creates a homely feel; at first glance it appears to look like a home! We are small and quaint, which gives us the opportunity to offer individual attention to each and everyone that comes through our door. As you walk in, your nose will be delighted by the delicious smells wafting from our kitchen, you can guarantee it tastes just as good and being additive aware its definitely very good for you. We have our Recipe of the Week available for you to try out at home.

Tuart Hill Out of School Care

Tuart Hill Primary School 239 Cape St, Tuart Hill WA 6060

Mulberry Tree OSHC - Tuart Hill

St Kieran's Primary School 118 Waterloo Street, Tuart Hill WA 6060