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Wiradjuri Preschool and Child Care Centre

University Of Canberra, Cooinda Street, Bruce ACT 2617

Wiradjuri is a Preschool and Child Care Centre located in the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths (ESTeM) at the University of Canberra. The Centre operates as an integral part of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) program.

Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre

Grounds of Calvary Hospital, Mary Potter Circuit, Bruce ACT 2617

Children have a right to feel comfortable in an environment that is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing: an environment in which they can engage in long periods of uninterrupted play that is genuine, meaningful and challenging. Children have the right to play with natural experiences and resources that are freely accessible. Children are capable and responsible for caring for and respecting these resources.

Children have a right to access experiences and resources that are meaningful, interesting and relevant to them. Children are exceptional individuals with a unique way of viewing, experiencing and exploring the world and acquiring knowledge. Educators nurture children’s individuality and scaffold their learning to allow children’s own personality, temperament, cultural mindset, and interests to shine through.

Children are capable and competent learners who are interested in and curious about their world. They have the ability to form and maintain respectful and caring relationships with their peers and adults.

Radford College Outside School Care

Radford College ELC 1 College St, Bruce ACT 2617

Kirinari Early Childhood Centre

University Of Canberra Kirinari St, Bruce ACT 2617