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Kirinari Early Childhood Centre

Corner of University Drive South and Kirinari Street, Bruce South ACT 2617

The purpose of the Centre is to provide quality care for children out of their home environment and exists to support parents achieve their goals.

The caregiver is not that of substitute parent, but that of another adult person who cares for the child's well-being and development. The physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the child are considered of paramount importance. In recognition of the child and their family as a unique unit, Kirinari Early Childhood Centre strives to attain the following philosophical beliefs.

The Centre recognises each child as a unique individual with a right to grow with a good self image.

All children are encouraged to develop their own personality; to hold their own thoughts, opinions and ambitions, and to express these ideas comfortably and freely. Each child is frequently encouraged to communicate individually with the caregivers.