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Mundaring Child Care Centre Logo and Images

Mundaring Child Care Centre

505 Brooking Road, Mahogany Creek WA 6072
Here at Mundaring Child Care Centre                                                                                      
We strive to achieve the five learning outcomes:
* Children have a stong sense of identity
* Children are connected with and contribute to their world
* Children have a strong sense of well being
* Children are confident and involved learners
* Children are effective communicators
We treat children fairly and as individuals by providing experiences to suit their individuality.
We boost childrens' self esteem by respecting and accepting their individualism, as well as celebrating their successes.
We encourage children to respect themselves and one another, and all differences, be it physical or mental, ethnic, cultural or religious.
We provide an environment which encourages good hygiene practices, and provide a variety of nutritional experiences in their daily meals.