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Cranbourne Kids Education Centre Logo and Images

Cranbourne Kids Education Centre

78-80 Hoysted Ave, Cranbourne North VIC 3977

Welcome to our centre. We look forward to developing a rewarding partnership with families as we support and guide children's development and learning during their early years. 

We utilise a specially designed program that caters to the needs of all children and allows a more personalised approach to learning and an environment that fosters all areas of development of your child. 

As the first five years of a child’s life are a time when the foundations for future learning and development occur, we take this time to gently nurture and encourage children’s development through programs that are stimulating and extremely enjoyable for the children i n attendance.

The program enhances your child’s socialisation skills, confidence and self esteem, whilst all other areas of development are enhanced through utilisation of our equipment, resources and programming.

Shooting Stars Early Learning for Life Childcare Centre

8 Elizabeth Street, Cranbourne North VIC 3977

On the 1st of January 2012 the first national framework for early childhood education was implemented across Australia. This Early Years Learning Framework includes several important concepts for educators to think about in terms of their own approach to providing for children’s learning. The concepts of Belonging, Being and Becoming: Learning Outcomes; Principles and Practices offer us an opportunity to assess and evaluate our philosophy using these as a guide for reflection and inspiration.

Arbourlea Kindergarten

75 Wheelers Park Drive, Cranbourne North VIC 3977