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Bletchley Play & Learn Logo and Images

Bletchley Play & Learn

2 Bletchley Parkway, Southern River WA 6110

At Bletchley Play & Learn we believe that by providing children with a secure and happy environment, where they are supported to develop their intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills, they will became confident and competent individuals.

We design our environments to have multiple natural play spaces that invite exploration, investigation and collaboration. Our indoor and outdoor, play based programs are designed around what the children are interested in.  We also appreciate the importance of family and encourage siblings to play together in our family rooms, where these are available. 

  • Hats and sunscreen are supplied, along with incursions without further cost to families.
  • Dedicated Food Coordinator providing food and snacks
  • Airconditioned comfort
  • Registered for CCB and CCR

Bounce OSHC - Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park Primary School Lot 5003 Balfour St, Southern River WA 6110