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Jack & Jill Child Care Centre Logo and Images

Jack & Jill Child Care Centre

4 Aldgate Street, Mandurah WA 6210

Family-centred services respect the central role that families play in the lives of their children. The philosophies, attitudes, and approaches to care for children support each family’s uniqueness and strive to match services to needs. There is no one choice or approach that is right for all families. Family-centred service delivery acknowledges and respects family diversity.

Every family is unique. At the same time, families share common wishes for their children. Understanding and respecting the uniqueness, as well as the similarities of families, is stressed in literature and practices of quality child care. For families of children with special needs, this is particularly important. They deal with stresses, time commitments, and inter-professional relationships that are beyond the experience of most families.

Wanslea Family Services Inc Mandurah Logo and Images

Wanslea Family Services Inc Mandurah

Library Rd (Off Third Ave), Mandurah WA 6210

Wanslea strives to provide innovative, responsive, high quality early childhood services – education and care.

Worldwide studies show that the quality of childcare received before the age of five prepares a child for success throughout their schooling and to contribute to society as an adult.

Wanslea aims to ensure that children develop and practise the skills they need to be successful in life by providing high-quality care for children aged from six weeks of age until they leave primary school.

Wanslea’s services focus on social and recreational activities that meet the developmental needs of children and the care needs of families. Wanslea Family Day Carers and In-Home Carers are trained and supported to do the same. An emphasis is placed on relationship building and quality interactions with children.

Buggles Mandurah Logo and Images

Buggles Mandurah

CNR Murdoch Drive & Fremantle Road, Mandurah WA 6210
At Buggles Mandurah, we have been providing high quality education and care for almost 9 years and we pride ourselves on being part of a large community whilst still maintaining close and long lasting relationships within it. Our long established staff and educators work collaboratively and are lead by our Executive Centre Manager, Linda Seach. We work in a mutually supportive environment that strengthens and builds on our relationships with the children and their families. As passionate and dedicated educators, we offer children healthy meals, a comfortable and safe learning environment with large outdoor shaded play areas and separate play spaces for different age groups. We provide interactive learning programs for all children and tailor these programs to meet their individual needs. For older children, we offer a comprehensive kindy program. We also provide vacation programs and casual care when required.

4 Big Kids

North Mandurah Primary School Park Rd, Mandurah WA 6210

A1 Fun Osh

John Tonkin College 35 Gibla Street, Mandurah WA 6210