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Stepping Stones Play and Learn Centre Logo and Images

Stepping Stones Play and Learn Centre

4 Bluebrush Ave, Beeliar WA 6164

Stepping Stones Play and Learn Centre is a purpose built childcare centre catering for children aged 0 to 6 years. We are located in Perth’s Southern Suburbs, in the heart of the Meve’ estate in Beeliar. 

At Stepping Stones we value the community and its input into the centre. We feel it is important to be a part of what is happening in the community. We value the input of families for better ways in providing a warm safe, loving home environment for the children and their families.

At Stepping Stones we believe that through providing children with the right environment to play, they will discover new things that will bring about opportunity for learning. Children learn about the world they live in through play and discovery and putting one foot in front of the other. We believe in making child care a positive experience for everyone who enters the building.

Buggles Beeliar Logo and Images

Buggles Beeliar

4 Bluebush Avenue, Beeliar WA 6164
At Buggles Beeliar, we are a group of caring and motivated individuals passionate about early education and care. At Buggles we provide a wonderful environment for your child to learn and grow in. We are praised on our spacious indoor rooms, which are filled with natural and engaging resources as well as home comforts to give your child a real sense of belonging. We have a holistic approach to wellbeing and believe that it encompasses physical health, diet, emotional wellbeing, sense of belonging and security/safety. A healthy balanced diet is a must at the centre and our fantastic Food Coordinator is always abreast with the latest nutritional information to provide your child with healthy, appealing and nutritionally sound meals.