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Kids Academy Erina Heights

49 Serpentine Road, Erina Heights NSW 2260

Kids Academy Erina Heights is an early learning facility, which aims to provide a new standard in early childhood care and education. Our centre provides a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment at making children feel safe and secure where they can develop to their fullest potential.

We acknowledge that each child is a unique individual and therefore aim to provide an environment where each child’s eagerness and curiosity is fostered, and creative thinking is encouraged and catered for. Opportunities will be provided for each child to participate in the environment around them based on their own ideas, thoughts, feelings and interests. Children will be responsible for the choices made, allowing them time to reflect, reinforce and explore their own interests, encouraging their sense of autonomy and initiative. We aim to provide experiences that not only meet each individual child’s interests but also to extend the child’s learning and knowledge.