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Kamboosh, Kambora P & C Assoc

37 Woolrych Crescent, Davidson NSW 2085

Kamboosh is a fully accredited child care facility.

Kamboosh is our before and after school centre designed and run by the Kambora P&C Association.

Kamboosh offers superior care and lots of fun and exciting activities for students.

Kamboosh is run by a dynamic and experienced team of carers who honestly care about each child's learning and engagement. The team at Kamboosh support students in achieving their weekly after school activities, including homework and home-reading. They know how to balance work with play and the children respect this and respond positively. Kamboosh schedules specific sporting activities each term with external coaches hosting these sessions at no additional cost to our families.

St Martin's Outside School Care

St Martin's Catholic Primary School 147 Prahran Avenue, Davidson NSW 2085