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Belrose OSHC Centre

Belrose Public School 26 Ralston Ave, Belrose NSW 2085
Camp Australia - John Colet School OSHC Logo and Images

Camp Australia - John Colet School OSHC

6 Wyatt Avenue, Belrose NSW 2085

More than 25 years ago we ran our first tennis program after school - in addition to teaching the game, we were passionate about helping kids develop an active lifestyle while having a lot of fun.

This program offered parents of school age kids care that was safe, accessible, affordable and importantly that the kids wanted to be a part of.

Soon, with the help of some teacher mates, we were providing programs in the school holidays. One school became a few, and more and more parents were telling us that they needed care for their kids after school.

They wanted care that was high quality and safe; they wanted it to be fun; and believed the kids should get something out of it too.

Glen Kindergarten, Belrose

1 Ashworth Avenue, Belrose NSW 2085


  • That children are given the freedom, the time and the love to grow
  • Young children learn by doing, nurtured by carers with words and actions worthy of imitation
  • They need a gentle daily rhythm in a natural environment that is both beautiful and harmonious
  • They need activities with purpose that inspire awe, imagination and creativity
  • They need a program that follows the natural development of the child; all things at the appropriate time.
  • We embrace all facets of the child so that at all times we are addressing the highest needs of the individual.

Kamaroi OOSH

Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School 220 Forest Way, Belrose NSW 2085
The Forest Preschool Kindergarten Logo and Images

The Forest Preschool Kindergarten

2A Morgan Road, Belrose NSW 2085

The Forest Preschool Kindergarten helps develop confidence, independence, social skills, early literacy and numeracy through fun, play-based experiences for all the children enrolled. Our philosophy is respectful of children belonging first to family, and focuses on building positive self esteem through the provision of a program where learning occurs in a play-based environment, rich with endless opportunities for children’s strengths to be identified and enhanced as they master essential life skills.

Our commitment to quality education and care enables educators to work alongside families to develop a clear understanding of children’s strengths, similarities and differences, which enables the provision of a program underpinned by learning through play.

YMCA Covenant OSHC Logo and Images

YMCA Covenant OSHC

212 Forest Way, Belrose NSW 2085

We provide Before and After School Care services to children aged 5-12 years.

We encourage children to develop at their own pace, make friends and feel safe, to offer a place where children are treated as individuals, needs are met and children’s ideas are encouraged.

Children develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing, are connected and contribute to their world, are confident and involved learners and develop effective communication skills. We support and encourage children to learn through play, offering opportunities that are meaningful to children and support their learning and development.

KU - Bambara Road Preschool

Corner Forestway & Bambara Road, Belrose NSW 2085