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Before School Care Heidelberg West provides a comprehensive Child Care profile for you to find your business in your local Heidelberg West 3094 area. The information presented is the most recent available and updated regularly.

Ivanhoe Children's Community Co-Operative Ltd Logo and Images

Ivanhoe Children's Community Co-Operative Ltd

58 Livingstone Street, Ivanhoe VIC 3079

At Ivanhoe Co-op we embrace the child, and see the period of childhood as a unique and vital stage of life.  We are committed to seeing each child within the context of their family, and extend our caring practices to include family members, educators, and the community around and with our centre.

The Ivanhoe Co-op is a non-profit, community based early childhood service.  We provide long day care and kindergarten for 40 children each day, starting from 18 months of age.

Gum Nut Preschool and Childcare Logo and Images

Gum Nut Preschool and Childcare

1 Como Street, Alphington VIC 3078

Gum Nut is an accredited, (we have not yet been assessed under the National Quality Framework),  privately operated Kindergarten and Child Care Centre, located in riverside Alphington. Our centre consists of 5 rooms, children range from 6 months to 5 years. Our qualified and experienced staff create a welcoming and friendly environment where children are encouraged to participate in programs tailored to their interests and development.

Gum Nut Preschool & Child Care - values the environment & teaching our to recycle, compost, respect for the environment, care for all species in their environment. Gum Nut recently held a Walk 4 Orangutans to raise funds for Earth 4 Orangutans - build a Haven sanctuary in North Sumatra - in collaboration with families, community & E4O members, this will hopefully become an annual event. It is very much a part of our evolving - developing curriculum with our children. We want there to be rainforests & animals living as they should freely in their natural environments for children now & of the future. We are working towards eliminating palm oil products from our service ( not an easy process) - and the use of chemicals for cleaning.

East Ivanhoe Early Learning Centre Logo and Images

East Ivanhoe Early Learning Centre

71 Lower Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe VIC 3079

At our Centre, we believe that children are individual and unique, with diverse learning needs.  We therefore understand that they all need opportunities to further develop their individuality, in all developmental and curriculum areas. We aim to treat all children, families and staff at our Centre with the utter most respect and create a sense of worthiness throughout the Centre.

This individual growth is supported through positive planned, concrete, real and relevant learning and play experiences.  Staff members are responsible for ensuring that such experiences take place, while at the same time working effectively as a team – observing, planning and evaluating for individual children and their family’s needs. Through these observations a program is developed so that the children are learning through their play, building on their strengths, weaknesses and interests. ‘The diversity our program means that children experience belonging, being and becoming in many holistic different ways.

The practice of relationships at our Centre becomes a powerful foundation of learning.  If children are secure in their relationships with teachers, their peers and significant others, they feel confident and keen to explore their environment to absorb and learn from it as much as they can.

The Grove Childrens Centre Logo and Images

The Grove Childrens Centre

38-40 The Grove, Coburg VIC 3058

The Grove Children’s Centre, once known as the Coburg Bowling Green is now home to our beautifully restored and designed child care facility with state of the art children’s rooms and outdoor play spaces.

We invite you to come in and view the old world charm in our heritage listed ceiling to the modern and wonderful extension that houses our child care facility.

Dew Drops Early Learning Logo and Images

Dew Drops Early Learning

89 Delaware Street, Reservoir VIC 3073

Our service provides childcare and kindergarten for 45 children, from 6 months to 6 years. Our mission is to create the best possible start for children in the early years by:

  • Creating and delivering educational and recreational programs based on children’s developmental needs and interests
  • Providing home-style meals, opportunities to learn about good nutrition and oral health, as well as encouraging physical exercise
  • Providing an environment that fosters wellbeing and positive self-esteem through positive role modelling and behaviour guidance
  • Celebrating the diversity of children and their families by offering culturally and linguistically relevant care, experiences and programs.
Brunswick Creche & Day Nursery Logo and Images

Brunswick Creche & Day Nursery

82 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick VIC 3056

The Brunswick Creche and Day Nursery, Inc. is one of the oldest childcare centres in Australia, and is the oldest in Victoria. It has been operating as a childcare centre in Brunswick since 1895 and continuously on its current site in Glenlyon Rd, Brunswick, since 1911. The centre is a community-run, not-for-profit organization with a committee of management elected by the parents of attending children. The centre is fully accredited to operate as a childcare centre by all State and Federal government bodies, and in August, 2004, was re-accredited for a further two years.

After a major, architect-designed renovation in 2003, the centre is now one of the most modern in inner-Melbourne. The centre provides day care for pre-school age children from age six months up, and operates between 7:15 am and 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Prospective parents are invited to contact the centre director for information on the availability of places, enrolment and fees.

Clifton Child Care Co-Operative Ltd Logo and Images

Clifton Child Care Co-Operative Ltd

121 Rushall Crescent, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Clifton Child Care Co-op is a long day care centre and kindergarten, open between the hours of 7:45am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We cater for a maximum of 27 children per day, between the ages of twelve months and five years. The Co-op is a non-profit community-based child care centre and has been providing accredited, quality child care since 1977.

Here, at our Co-op, we believe that each individual child deserves to receive high quality care and we do this by providing dedicated staff, a quality learning environment and fantastic facilities.

East Melbourne Child Care Co-operative Logo and Images

East Melbourne Child Care Co-operative

Cnr Grey & Simpson Streets, East Melbourne VIC 3002

The East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative is a registered co-operative under the Co-operatives Act and has its own Constitution. It is sponsored by the Melbourne City Council. Parents, residents and staff are eligible to become members of the Co-operative.

Doncaster Early Learning Childcare & Kindergarten Logo and Images

Doncaster Early Learning Childcare & Kindergarten

20 Turana Street, Doncaster VIC 3108

Doncaster Early Learning Childcare and Kindergarten is a place where your child will be nurtured and given every opportunity to participate in our carefully designed early learning program.

We understand that choosing a quality early childhood educational facility is a vital first step in the developmental and educational life of your child. Your child’s health, welfare and development is our highest priority.  Our commitment to our families is to provide a happy, stimulating and safe environment for all children within our care.  Children must feel secure, comfortable, valued and respected by their educators and our dedicated team of staff.  We believe that the early learning centre is an extension of the family home and that child care and education is a co-operative venture.  We aim to establish positive, open and trusting partnerships with parents to meet the needs of the children attending the centre.


Greythorn Early Childhood Centre Logo and Images

Greythorn Early Childhood Centre

4 Trentwood Avenue, Balwyn North VIC 3104

Greythorn Early Childhood Centre (GreythornECC) is a 40 place community based child care centre in North Balwyn.  It is managed by a committee of passionate and enthusiastic parents and staff who are all dedicated to providing quality care within a warm and caring environment.  As a community-based centre, all profits are directly reinvested in the Centre. 

GreythornECC provides a bright, clean and aesthetically pleasing environment in which children become equipped with the life skills to experience fulfilling and rewarding participation within their community.

Our staff are of the highest calibre - professional, honest, trustworthy and while staff members are assigned individual roles, they work together in the best interests of all children.


Clifton Street Childrens Centre Logo and Images

Clifton Street Childrens Centre

55 Clifton Street, Northcote VIC 3070

Clifton Street Children’s Centre is a community run centre, offering childcare programs and kindergarten. The centre has recently undergone major building and grounds work with the addition of a permanent Sessional Kindergarten room, Maternal Health Centre and an updated fully designed outdoor learning space. These recent improvement have allowed the centre to expand and offer additional programs while supporting the needs of our community.